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May 16th, 04: 9:16

Please welcome Mega X, to the ->)|(Stealth Mods)|(<- group!

May 13th, 04: 3:41

I've been thinking about changing, or taking off the music on the page, if u want to tell me your opinion, please post it at the forum!

May 13th, 04: 3:40

I've just made a new message board:HERE

May 10th, 04: 7:16

I've just added screenshots to the Mods Page for the Danger Canyon mod.

May 10th, 04: 6:31

Here is the regular version of the Danger Canyon Mod:Here

And here is the stunt version: Here

May 10th, 04: 6:27

This is my favorite halo forum: , this is the mac modding centeral, and this: , are the mac files!

May 3rd, 04: 3:32:

I am hoping to recruit some hardcore modders to join me if you want to join me, please email me at :

May 3rd, 04: 3:03:

Sorry about the lack of.... stuff on the site, but I just opened it.-Blitzkrieg

All mods have to be transfered to you through AIM, or MSN because tripod does not allow me to host mods here. My AIM is: Lordjanzen , and my MSN is: